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Place your business message in front of the world! We offer practical, low-cost website advertising solutions that enable advertisers to place their banners on our site in various key locations. We can also answer any technical support questions you might have.

Manage your Campaigns and Advertisements online using our clean, easy to understand control panel. Using our Advertiser Control Panel, you can view your real-time statistics, including ad impressions and click-throughs. You can download your statistics reports or have them emailed to you as often as you choose. Of course, there is your profile should you need to change that information. We designed our system to be low cost and very easy to use so you can get started right away.

Media Offerings

We serve the following ad sizes728X90
Leaderboard 468X60
Full Banner 150X180
Rectangle 336X280
Large Rectangle 320X100
Large Mobile
These are some basic ad types we serve if you have another ad size or type in your campaign please contact us to discuss implementation and pricing. We reserve the right to reject any ad that we feel detracts from our site or is not in keeping with our family-friendly atmosphere. 

Note: We do not accept pornographic, adult, smoking, drinking, hate, violence, bigotry or other subject matter that society considers offensive. The alt attribute is not used for ad images. Ad clicks cannot be guaranteed as they are based on how well your ad is designed and how desirable your product or service is to the viewing public.

We serve the following media formats gif image  jpg image png image-rich media mov QuickTime  HTML rpm real media  SWF flash.

Nyongesa Sande will create a fine-tuned campaign through a marketing mix offering of the following:

1. Display advertising (Banners)
2. Sponsored content (Posts with backlinks)
3. Article writing (Supply us with a topic, we will write an article and post it on our site)
4. Link insertion (Backlinks to existing content)
5. Editorial links (Adding a link with 200-300 words to an existing post on our site)
6. Supporting links (Internal links on exiting posts directed to the sponsored post)
7. Product review (Supply us with a product and we will review it)
8. Promotional content (Posts to advertise a brand/product)
9. Homepage feature (Featuting/Pinning your post/banner on our homepage)
10. Social sharing (We will share your post on our social media platforms)

Please Contact Us  for pricing and other details.

Banner Format Details

728X90 Leader Board, 20Kb file size limit top of page.
468X60 Full Banner, 15Kb file size limit top of page or bottom.
150X180 Rectangle, 15Kb file size limit in Site Features bar.
336X280 Large Rectangle, 25Kb file size limit page bottom under content.
320X100 Large Mobile, 25Kb file size top of page.

Note: Nyongesa Sande appreciates advertising from all responsible vendors, subject always to editorial approval. We hold the right not to sell advertising space to agencies or individuals inconsistent with Nyongesa Sande’s editorial policy. While we strive to provide readers with a great ad experience, advertisements may not necessarily reflect the views of Nyongesa Sande.

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